We at MOSSES Malaysia truly believe that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. The moment you see them smile when they see your interesting gift…precious! But giving interesting gifts doesn’t just stop at other people. You should give interesting gifts for yourself too. MOSSES is a leading online interesting gift shop in Malaysia where you can get all sorts of personal item just in a click of the button. Whether it’s women’s handbags, travel backpacks, sling bags or normal college backpacks, fashion accessory sunglasses or badge reels  that you’re after – we at MOSSES Malaysia have got unique but useful styles of online interesting gifts that you can get in Malaysia which we’re willing to bet will become instant favourites.

So you nailed your outfit combo (style win!) but now you need a bag to go with. Enter: our collection of fashion hand bags, backpacks and travel bags. We’ve got bags for all occasions (and to carry all essentials!).Image result for shades tumblr

Looking for a interesting gift? We’ve got women’s sunglasses in all that are perfect when you want to give a little something lovely, especially since we live in a very sunny country like Malaysia. But if you’re going all out with your interesting gifting, our gorgeous sling bags are a no-brainer. High quality and high style – they win on both counts. Buying for a girl (or guy) who’s all business? Spacious backpacks are a pressie they’ll use Monday through Friday. They are made out of high quality material will are tear proof and can withstand heavy load. Or, for your fellow backpacker friends, travel bag is the perfect interesting gift! Just imagine how wide their smile will be to see what you got for them!

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